Secrets of the Ice

The Archaeology of Glaciers and Ice Patches

We have great news! Innlandet County Council has substantially increased the funding for the Secrets of the Ice program 😊 We will be getting an additional NOK 700.000 per year (65000 USD, 60000 Euro). How is that for an early Christmas present? 😊

The increased funding will make it possible for us to hire an additional team dedicated to looking for new sites in areas we have not had the resources to visit yet. We know there are plenty of potential sites there, but at the moment we have no idea what may be discovered. That will change in the years to come 😊

The extra money will also come in handy as we plan to expand our outreach to include children and youth. In addition, we will have increased funding for the scientific analysis of the artefacts we have found, and for much needed equipment.

Last and not least, we plan to bring a dedicated videographer with us during fieldwork. Maybe this can result in a YouTube series? Let’s see how it goes 😊

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Check out this 900-year-old arrow just lying there on the surface of the ice❤

After collecting the Iron Age arrow in yesterday`s post, we hiked over to the ice patch where we recently discovered the arrows with shell and stone arrowheads. This time, we put on crampons and ventured out on the ice - and there it was🙂 The wooden arrowshaft is complete and very well preserved. Another great find from the ice🙂 #globalwarming #glacialarchaeology #climatechange

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Saturday, a local mountain hiker found an arrow at the edge of the ice on one of our sites. He did everything right - took GPS coordinates, left the arrow behind and contacted us. Well done!👍 Yesterday, we sent out a team, collected the arrow and investigated the find spot without finding the missing arrowhead. The arrow is from the Late Iron Age, so about 1200 years old❤ #globalwarming #glacialarchaeology #climatechange ...

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The melting ice released one final secret for us this year ❤️ - an arrow with the quartzite arrowhead still in place! 😮 The fibers fastening the arrowhead are intact, and black pitch still covers the arrowhead. The complete arrowshaft is there as well, in three pieces. The fletches are also preserved; it looks like there are three of them! 😮 The arrow likely dates back to the Late Stone Age or the Bronze Age. What an incredible find! 😍 #climatechange #globalwarming #glacialarchaeology ...

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Glacier Archaeologists in the Field

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