Secrets of the Ice

The Archaeology of Glaciers and Ice Patches

Our new ice site gave us very nice arrow shaft, probably from the Medieval period. Thanks very much❤ You can still see the imprint of the thread holding the fletching in the preserved tar on the wood.

We only had time to cover a small part of the ground here during our exploratory survey. It appears that this is an ice mass that has at times developed into a glacier. That is not good news for the preservation of artifacts, but the arrow shaft and the iron knife posted yesterday (plus some other finds) confirm that finds have survived here at least since the medieval period. #glacialarchaeology #climatechange #globalwarming

We got a report that an arrow had been spotted near a glacier in central Jotunheimen. Our team rushed out, collected the arrow and checked the find spot for more finds. The completely preserved wooden arrowshaft dates to the Stone Age, probably 4-5000 years ago😮

The find spot is by a small lake, near the end of a large glacier - a very unusual find spot. There were no further finds. Maybe this is just one very lucky arrow to survive, Well, good on you!🙂 #glacialarchaeology #climatechange #globalwarming

Glacier Archaeologists in the Field

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