Secrets of the Ice

The Archaeology of Glaciers and Ice Patches

Check out this 900-year-old arrow just lying there on the surface of the ice❤

After collecting the Iron Age arrow in yesterday`s post, we hiked over to the ice patch where we recently discovered the arrows with shell and stone arrowheads. This time, we put on crampons and ventured out on the ice - and there it was🙂 The wooden arrowshaft is complete and very well preserved. Another great find from the ice🙂 #globalwarming #glacialarchaeology #climatechange

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Saturday, a local mountain hiker found an arrow at the edge of the ice on one of our sites. He did everything right - took GPS coordinates, left the arrow behind and contacted us. Well done!👍 Yesterday, we sent out a team, collected the arrow and investigated the find spot without finding the missing arrowhead. The arrow is from the Late Iron Age, so about 1200 years old❤ #globalwarming #glacialarchaeology #climatechange ...

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The melting ice released one final secret for us this year ❤️ - an arrow with the quartzite arrowhead still in place! 😮 The fibers fastening the arrowhead are intact, and black pitch still covers the arrowhead. The complete arrowshaft is there as well, in three pieces. The fletches are also preserved; it looks like there are three of them! 😮 The arrow likely dates back to the Late Stone Age or the Bronze Age. What an incredible find! 😍 #climatechange #globalwarming #glacialarchaeology ...

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Would you believe it!❤ We have just found an incredibly well preserved arrow with a shell arrowhead. It looks like it was lost last year, but the arrow is around 3600 years old, from the Early Bronze Age!😮 It doesn`t get much better than this😍

The arrow was found while checking the edge of the ice at a known ice site in the northeast Jotunheimen Mountains. This is a typical monitoring job we do at the end of the field season #globalwarming #climatechange #glacialarchaeology

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Glacier Archaeologists in the Field

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