Secrets of the Ice

The Archaeology of Glaciers and Ice Patches

A unique find: A forked iron arrowhead, mounted on a short foreshaft. So far, we have only found two forked arrowheads from the ice, and foreshafts are also very rare. The combination of these two elements makes this a very special find. The arrow is dated to the Early Viking Age, around AD 800, and was found at the Langfonne Ice Patch.

Were these arrowheads used to inflict big wounds in the game, or for more specialized hunting, for exemple birds? We tried out a replica on a reindeer carcass and the arrow broke the spine of the animal😮 So, such arrows penetrate in depth and do not only produce flesh wounds. They would have been a lethal weapon. #glacialarchaeology #climatechange #globalwarming

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Glacier Archaeologists in the Field

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