The combination of climate change and very well preserved artefacts melting out of the ice has made glacial archaeology a very interesting topic, both for the media and the public. Here you can find a selection of media links for the most important news stories with an emphasis on the archaeological finds from Oppland.

Media links to the glacial archaeology of Oppland.
International media stories on the glacial archaeology of Oppland.


In English:

After our 2018 publication in Royal Society Open Science, there were a number of media stories of which we show a small selection here: National Geographic, Newsweek, Smithsonian Magazine, Russia Today, Science Nordic.

Science Nordic joined us in the field in 2016.

Motherboard published a story on glacial archaeology in 2016.

New Scientist wrote in 2016 on the threat caused by climate change to cultural heritage, including glacial archaeology.

Scientific American wrote about glacial archaeology in 2015.

The melting av glaciers has also led to the reappearance of mountaineers, who disappeared decades ago. BBC had a story on this subject in the Alps in 2015. The same was done by McClatchy, with finds on Mexican volcanos as a starting point.

The melt has led to the reappearance of WW1 soldiers, who died during battles at high altitude in South Tyrol. The American web magazine Motherboard published a story on this in 2014.

The popular science website ScienceNordic published a news story on the 2014 glacial finds from Oppland.

An article on glacial archaeology in i Science, with several pictures from Oppland. From 2014 (pay-walled).

BBC published a story in 2013, which carried information on the Lendbreen tunic and on Neolithic arrowshafts from Oppdal, Sør-Trøndelag County.

Reuters published a story on the tunic from Lendbreen in 2013.

A journalist from Archaeology Magazine followed us in the field at Lendbreen in 2012.

A follow-up by the The Guardian, after the Reuters piece.

The first global news story on the glacial archaeology in Oppland, published by Reuters in 2010.


In German:

Neue Zürcher Zeitung wrote about the archaeological finds from mountain passes in Switzerland in 2016.

Popular science Magazine Bild der Wissenschaft wrote about glacial archaeology in 2015.

Süddeutsche Zeitung published a story on glacial archaeology in 2015.

Der Spiegel wrote on the Lendbreen tunic in 2013. The same year Der Spiegel also wrote about the glacial archaeology in Oppland.


In Italian:

The magazine Panorama the glacial archaeology finds in Oppland in  2014.


If you are aware of good media links on glacial archaeology that are missing here, please let us know.