The Glacier Archaeology Program in Innlandet

The Glacier Archaeology Program is a cooperation between

Innlandet County Council and the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo.

The scale of the archaeological material from glaciers and ice patches in Innlandet became visible during the big melt in the fall of 2006. From this year we have worked continously with the rescue of finds from the ice.

The Glacier Archaeology Program started in 2011. The program has provided us with the opportunity to work systematically with the finds from the ice. It has resulted in a large number of artefact recoveries and an overview of the most important archaeological find areas.

Fifty-one glaciers and ice patches in Innlandet have provided artefacts. More than 3000 finds have been recovered – hunting tools, transport equipment, textiles, leather and clothing. Zoological material has also been recovered from the ice (antler, bone and dung). The oldest finds are 6000 years old.