November 2022

Ötzi – a new understanding of the holy grail of glacial archaeology

December 2021

Finding and Documenting Glacial Archaeological Sites

October 2021

The Best-Preserved Pair of Skis from Prehistory

June 2021

The Lost Viking Settlement

November 2020

Prehistoric Arrow Bonanza at Langfonne

April 2020

The Hunt for the Lost Mountain Pass

January 2020

The Iceman from British Columbia

November 2019

Reidar Marstein – Our Local Hero of Glacier Archaeology

October 2019

Buried in Ice – The Franklin Expedition Cemetery

October 2018

The Skis That Came in from the Cold

January 2018

Glacial Archaeology and Global Warming

Glacial Archaeology, Ancient Reindeer Hunting and Climate Change

November 2017

The Viking Spear from the Lendbreen Ice Patch

October 2017

When the Gloves Come Off – Why We Do Not Use Gloves to Handle Artifacts in the Field

September 2017

Bronze Age Arrows and a Viking Sword – The 2017 Fieldwork Was Awesome!

A Viking Sword Found at High Altitude

July 2017

First Fieldwork on the Glacier Trail

June 2017

Ancient Trails Crossing Ice – Archaeological Wonderlands

Snow Situation and Field Plan for 2017

May 2017

A Farewell to Mountain Ice…

April 2017

Call for Volunteers

The Volunteer

Mount Everest – Archaeology in the Death Zone

March 2017

Giant Slingshots?

Can deadly virus and microbes survive in the ice?

Glacial Archaeology – The Insider

February 2017

An Old Ski from the Hardangerjøkulen Glacier

January 2017

The Mystery Cloth from Lendbreen

The Snow Situation Room

December 2016

High Altitude Pack Animals and Their Sorry Fate

November 2016

Death in the High Mountains

October 2016

Scaring Sticks – The Thin Line Between Life and Death for Reindeer

Frozen Pasts – The World Conference of Frozen Archaeology

Glacial Archaeology and Climate Science Denial

Dating of Artefacts from the Ice

August 2016

The Ice-Cold Grave of Arrows

Whoa, it is an ancient sledge! – Updated

June 2016

Welcome to our new website

The Reinheimen ski

The Reconstruction of the Lendbreen Tunic

Journal of Glacial Archaeology, vol. 2

Snowmelting by early August 2016